Prologue cont.

28 Mar

Well, it’s Monday at lunchtime and during my break from work, I am somehow feeling driven as opposed to the typical laziness that comes along with the beginning of a new work week.  So, I figured I would define a little bit more about my goals with this blog site and provide background information…

First of all, I wanted to explain the name of my site.  Sticky Note Queen is definitely a self proclaimed title I have used for many years.  I am probably one of the most highly organized, neat freak people you will ever meet.  My husband jokingly says I have OCD sometimes!  Either way, I still have to remind myself of things all the time because the organizational freak side of me is always paranoid that I will forget something important.  So, I have sticky notes on my steering wheel, standing up in my hairbrush, on my computer screen and I used to put them inside my old flip phone cell phone!  I run through sticky notes like nobody’s business!

Okay – on to more topics.  My main goal in life is to become a novelist but baby steps first, right?!  I need to discover whatever the story is that I have in my head that can be transferred to paper and call out to be read by the general public.  But, as you can probably tell, I’m not sure what that is or where to start.  So, my plan is this – I will use a combination of everyday rantings about life (my son “Lil Guy,” my “hubby” or my dog “Furball”), random ideas or dreams and also short responses to writing exercises to get a feel for my passion in writing.  I realize that some of my posts may come out more like “Seinfeld” than “Pride And Prejudice” but that’s also me!  I welcome advice, comments, or even join in and continue my story with your own when I do exercises – that’s the only way we can learn – from each other!  I also want to put some life into my site with photos since I am always taking photos of the family.  I got an idea from a friend’s blog site to post a photo one day a week with no words – I will call it Wordless Wednesday.  On those days, please feel free to check out the photo and create your own caption for me for fun!

I believe this is a realistic goal that I can achieve by taking these small steps and moving forward with feedback and revelations!


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