My favorite things

2 Apr

A child’s laughter,

So sweet and true

Can get you through the day

If you are feeling blue.

The warm soft breeze

On a fresh spring day

Inspires new life and hope

To dismiss the dull of winter away.

The familiar scent drifting through the air

Of charcoals warming food on the grill

Causes your mouth to water

While kicking back with a beer to chill.

All of this is just fine

But nothing beats the sound of game time!

“Let’s play ball!”

Sorry about the cheesiness of the poem above…  With it being April now and the weather still fluctuating up and down, I can only appreciate with fondness the few warm days we have had sporadically throughout the last few weeks and anticipate spring actually arriving sometime soon.  And, with the first game of the Orioles baseball season having ended last night with a win, I find myself in a good mood despite being sick on the couch again.  So now you have learned of some of my favorite things about the spring and summertime (excluding vacations, of course) and the best is yet to come!

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