Sicknesses be gone!!!!

5 Apr

I am writing today to reflect on my past several days of frustration and to plead in general (to whomever will listen) that the madness be stopped! 

So, I have had a cold for the past week and a half that I have been treating with weenified over the counter drugs…  This past Friday, my nasal activity rivaled Niagara Falls and I embarassingly looked like Rudolph for the entire day!  How am I supposed to have composure and portray stability in the workplace when I look and sound like I’m going to die?! 

Oh, well…  Somehow I got through that day…  Then, on Saturday, Lil Guy began my morning off by throwing up all over himself!  #1 mess to clean up #2 keep Furball from eating it.  The day goes on and Lil Guy seems to be better by evening.  We have a little dinner (Hubby is at work this whole time, by the way) and get ready to go out for the evening.  While putting on jackets, Lil Guy procedes to lose his dinner all over the floor this time!  And, in my shock, Furball does start to eat!  Aarrgghh!  Outing postponed for later date…

Later that evening, Lil Guy goes to bed and I am ready to sit and relax and try to not think about throw up any more but what does Furball then decide to do…  Of course!  Right in front of me, she throws up on the carpet – again!  Because THIS is how my day is going!!! 

I clean that up and go to bed hopeful to start fresh the next day when I wake up on Sunday to my eyes being stuck shut.  OH NO!  I have now somehow contracted Lil Guy’s pink eye that he had last week! 

And, that’s not all…  The story continues until last night (Monday), the first really warm day in several weeks, when I was very excited to take Lil Guy to the harbor and see the ducks (again, Hubby is working this night).  On the way there, I have the windows open and am enjoying the fresh air and looking forward to a nice walk in a few minutes along the water with my little man when I hear a strange noise from the back seat…  Well, there comes Monday night’s dinner all over himself, his carseat, my backseat and floor!  So, I the “nice fresh air” and weather I was going to enjoy was instead on hold for the next half hour, during which I cleaned chuncks of chicken and pickles out of Lil Guy’s carseat and clothes while he stood half naked in the Wendy’s parking lot (nearest place I found to pull over). 

Wow!  Being sick yourself is obviously not fun but dealing with kid and dog puke while sick all weekend/beginning of the week must have been in the fine print.  A disgusting job, but someone’s gotta do it!  Now I know why wine was invented – can I get a glass now?!


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