18 Apr

Friday after work, I changed out of my proper black dress pants, stiff purple blouse and uncomfortable heels into my torn tight jeans, faded O’s t-shirt and sneakers to set out for the evening.  From being cooped up behind a desk all day in a chilly office, I graciously welcomed the fresh warm air of the night.  While walking to the car to set off on our journey to Lil Guy’s favorite playground and duck pond, several comforting memories washed over me:

running through the sprinkler without a care in the world

swinging on the glider to do my spelling homework before the sun sets

firecracker popsicles

a visit to Baker Park to feed the ducks with Aunt Ila

the smell of freshly cut grass

the warm breeze blowing through the open windows as I drift off to sleep

the smell of a neighbor cooking hotdogs and hamburgers

relaxing in the cool basement after playing out in the heat

playing Putt Putt golf with Grandma and Grandpa

the incomparable scent of suntan lotion and chlorine

fielding balls and practicing drills on the ball field until the sun goes down

Aahhh…  All of this says “summer” to me and I just light up inside and outside at all of those wonderful thoughts that come with it.  And, though some of these memories have been with me since I was just a little girl and others are newer ones, I still feel all of them together at the same instant when I least expect it each beautiful night that I realize the winter is definitely over and the spring is quickly giving way to summer.

There’s just nothing like summertime and the feeling of endless nights!

My task this time was to capture a vivid feeling and use your senses to describe it.  I feel pleased with the ease at which memories came to me to describe but I believe I need to work more on elaborating my senses.

What is your favorite season?  What do you love most about spring and summer? 


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