Defining moments

23 Apr

I wasn’t sure what to write about today so I thought maybe I would just document some of the most defining moments in my life so far since I haven’t done that yet.

1)  The satisfaction of making the junior varsity basketball team as a freshman in a new high school in another country and acquiring an immediate set of friends who would ultimately be responsible for helping bring me “out of my shell.”

2)  Strutting proudly across the shiny hardwood stage of the Kurhaus and receiving my diploma to cheers and applause while tears clouded my eyes.

3)  Turning in my last final exam after four challenging years at UMBC, knowing I nailed it and walking through the doors to a study free life.

4)  Gliding down the lacy white runner spread with puple flower petals among smiling friends and family arm in arm with my Dad, again with tears clouding my eyes, as Trumpet Voluntary plays and I get closer and closer to the glowing man who is waiting to become my Hubby.

5)  Being handed my tightly wrapped lil boy and collapsing back into my pillow filled with pride, love and warmth of having just brought him into this crazy world.  Again, I remember having tears in my eyes!  (Boy, I am a sentimental person!)

So, where do things go from here?  Hubby and I will have been married for 6 years this June.  Lil Guy will be 3 years old in September.  The days and years are passing by me like a tornado as if I were just standing still.  I suppose the next milestone will either be the purchase of my first home or the birth of another child but at this time, all is uncertain and terrifying at the same time.  Only God knows what the future holds…


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