I’ll never be a princess

1 May

Ok, so I know everyone is probably tired of watching or hearing about the royal wedding by now but I just finished watching all six hours of The Today Show coverage so I felt the need to chime in.  Of course I began watching on Friday afternoon as soon as I got home from work but Lil Guy doesn’t allow me to have much more than Word World or Toy Story 3 on the TV while he’s awake.  So, I split my enjoyment of the royal wedding into about 3 segments over the weekend.

All I can say is Wow – what an enchanting display of regality and tradition mixed with small glimpses of everyday love!  I can honestly say that I was mesmerized by everything from the guests with extravagant hats to the celebrity attendees to the 20 foot trees and decorations inside the already beautiful Westminster Abby.  I held on with excitement as every detail was picked apart and each important departure and arrival was counted down.  And, seeing the thousands of people lining the streets of London braving the cold and dressed in fancy suits and gowns hoping for just a brief glimpse of the wedding party as they made their way from the hotel to the church was just an amazing display of unity.

Hubby, with a truly puzzled look on his face, asked me why I cared so much about these people half a world away that I will never meet.  To that, all I could answer is “Kate is living every woman’s dream!”  Truly, since we are little girls, we dream of being princesses with tiaras, lavish gowns and living in a castle with our fairytale prince.  And, from decades ago, when the world fell in love with Princess Diana and the way she lived her life and raised her handsome sons, we all felt a little bit closer to the royal world as she lived more among the people and dealt with real problems.  She had such grace and her story was spellbinding – a young pretty school teacher meeting and falling in love with a prince to go on to become “The People’s Princess” and the most photographed woman in the world.  I myself have countless collectibles of the late Princess Diana and was one of her captivated followers from all around the world.  As a teenager in high school during the majority of her “existence” and at the time of her tragic death, I can tell you that I did imagine myself following in her footsteps if her handsome son William were to meet me one day, fall madly in love with me and turn me into a princess too.  Yes, I was the true teenage girl with a crush on someone I could never have and it became a running joke around my house.  Now, it is important to say that I did have a little bit of hope…  My family was living in Wiesbaden, Germany at the time; just a day trip away from London, England (hey, a girl can dream, right?!).  And, if I were still living there now, I would have definitely made the trip to be a part of the cheering hoards this past Friday as William did make another commoner his princess.

As fate would have it, I never met William and will never become a princess.  I know that you are devastatingly shocked by this but I like to imagine that millions of women around the world are now just a bit heartbroken at the fact that the distant outrageous fairytale has come to an end for them too.  Of course I want to see Diana’s boys happy and Kate projects the image of the type of woman that Diana was, but it has made me reflect a little bit more on my own life.  Kate’s life now will be filled with luxury and glamour, not poopy diapers and sippy cups like mine.  I don’t have servants and bodyguards; the messes (especially dishes Hubby leaves around with dried on mustard stains) and supervision are my responsibility.  Kate can now have impact on an entire country (and even the world) whereas I am a mere administrative assistant by day posting my writings by night in hopes that I might just be able to reach a handful of lives.

Well, now that I have spoken my piece, I hope you all got to enjoy the royal wedding coverage and festivities in your own way.  I have just one thing left to say: William and Kate, I wish you all the best in life, and Kate – treasure every moment as you now get to be the princess that every little girl dreams of.

One Response to “I’ll never be a princess”

  1. Karrie Ringelstetter May 2, 2011 at 1:08 am #

    Beautifully written! I,too, was a huge fan of Princes Diana! We were only one year apart. She had grace, elegance, dignity and beauty! All the Blessings from above to Kate and Will.

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