Mommy’s Day

7 May

When I went to pick up Lil Guy from his daycare today, he had an early Mother’s Day gift for me that he walked up and sweetly told me “Mommy, I made this for you!”  It was the cutest little clay pot with colorful fingerpaint smudges all over and it was filled with dirt and morning glory seeds.  He was so proud of what he gave me and I just love watching him get excited!  Actually, I love pretty much everything about my Lil Guy – he is just the best!

Lil Guy in the summer of 2009

So, I know that Mother’s Day is still two days away, but I thought that I would take this time to reflect on a few things before the craziness of this weekend sets in and I don’t get the chance to.

punkin time

I remember being pregnant and scared to death 3 years ago.  I was terrified of the unknown and at the impending responsibility of another human life.  There was absolutely no way in which I could have been prepared for how amazingly different my life would be now because of this little man.


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