Places I’d rather be

13 May

As I sat again this afternoon on the concrete ramp of the warehouse where my office is and enjoyed the last 10 minutes of my lunch hour in the sun as opposed to the dull fluorescent lights and frigid air of my office, I imagined being any number of places at that moment instead of there…

– lying on the beach in Atlantic City in my purple leopard print bikini my body resting on the towel that covers the pillow of sand with the wind softly blowing and the waves gently crashing in the distance as my body is soaking up the sun and I can feel the burn.

– strapped tightly into the Incredible Hulk roller coaster at Universal Studios and giddy with excitement and anticipation as the train slowly rocks backward in preparation for blast off into the high speed course.

– strolling around the giant Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany among the thousands of brightly dressed people in both traditional and modern clothing while passing beer tents and vendors as “oompah” bands play music loudly and joyously.

– riding the gondola up into the mountains toward the ski slopes of the magnificent Matterhorn in Switzerland while gazing back down at the snow lightly falling onto the peaceful town of Zermatt below.

– walking briskly between the towering buildings and dozens of street vendors along the busy streets of New York City to the sounds of car horns, police sirens and chatting tourists as everyone in sight is seems to be moving with a purpose.

Well, I suppose I’ve established that I pretty much would rather be anywhere besides at work and this is my way of passing the time lately with daydreams.  What is helping me get through, though, is the fact that next Friday, May 20, hubby, Lil Guy and I will be beginning our almost week and a half long vacation in New York City followed by Florida for several days (via stops in North and South Carolina).  Knowing that vacation is only that far away makes my days now drag along like a hopeless man walking his last time down the hallway of death row toward the room where he will meet his end.

Wow – I really am so ready for vacation!  Are we there yet?!

2 Responses to “Places I’d rather be”

  1. amnem22 May 13, 2011 at 1:54 am #

    laying on a towel on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico watching the waves crash against rocks.

    Sitting on a bridge 12 years ago with my cousin eating ham & cheddar sandwiches (before she died)

    Resting my head on my true loves chest, just after the 1st time we made love

  2. Caitlin {Pacifier In My Pocket} May 14, 2011 at 2:23 am #

    I’ve never been to about half of those places you listed, but I bet I’d rather be at any of them instead of work. Yay for only a week until vacation for you guys. So fun!

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