Lost in La La Land

24 Jun

For the past week I haven’t had many coherent thoughts in my head, let alone the will to commit any ideas to paper (or computer screen, rather).  Even as I have sat here for the past two hours with the laptop poised on my thighs and going blank every 10 minutes or so, I still have continued to focus on random shows on TV and the stream of incoming phone calls instead of writing.

So, now that I have made the choice to block it all out, what do I want to talk about?  Direction – in work, in life, family, etc.  I find that I often come to crossroads in my life where I have to make a tough decision and I always weigh my options and analyze all possible outcomes before making a resolution.  Then, I sometimes end up looking back anyway to what might have been had I chosen differently.  And, my personality is naturally more reserved so I tend to put off these types of decisions for as long as possible or altogether.  At some point, it all catches up to me, though.  At what point in my life do I take charge and do what I feel is right without having to validate my choices through others?  When do I decide the direction that is best for the overall future?

I know I’m just rambling but that’s honestly how my mind has been working this week and I need to somehow find a way to get it out of my system and move on.  Certainly, no one can actually predict the future and know that they have the right answers for life but boy don’t we wish we could…


One Response to “Lost in La La Land”

  1. Julia (Everyday Mom Ideas) June 25, 2011 at 3:32 am #

    Its hard when there is no right or wrong answer, where the choice is not clear. Our hardest choices are often between best and better or worse and more worse. And sometimes our choices are equal, where there is really no wrong choice even if they are big choices. Good luck with yours.

    Also, I wanted to say thanks for stopping by Everyday Mom Ideas and leaving your lovely comment.

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