Boys will be boys…

25 Jul

On this Monday afternoon, as I find it difficult to concentrate on anything else, I find a desire to document some amusing things I have realized about Lil Guy lately, along with some very interesting things he has said…

Well, I suppose the main thing I have discovered lately is not only about him but mostly about myself.  I have always classified myself as a patient person but I never really knew to what extent until yesterday.  Lil Guy and I were spending the day together because Hubby was at work.  As it was hot as HADES outside but I didn’t want to be cooped up anymore, we decided to invite my mother (Oma – as Lil Guy calls her) to go to one of the local shopping malls for dinner and a little shopping.  Along with relief from the swealtering heat, this outing would provide an outlet for Lil Guy’s pent up energy from the rest of the weekend spent indoors.  So, during both twenty minute drives to and from this mall, mom and I carry on conversation as Lil Guy entertains himself in the backseat.  Mom and I talked about everything from Hubby’s new job to extended family news to possible camping or vacation trips later in the summer.  During these conversations is when I realised 1) how much patience I must have gained lately and 2) how so many of my conversations outside of work must not be real adult conversations, they must revolve around Lil Guy. 

Here’s an example of how our conversations went:

Me: So, you’re planning on buying some kind of pickup truck soon to be able to haul your camper?

Mom: Yep.  Probably an Avalanche or something comparable. 

Me: Really?!  Aren’t those the really huge trucks?!  Would you really…

Lil Guy: TRUCKS!!!  I like trucks!  I see a truck!

Me: Would you really want to drive something that big?

Lil Guy:  Mommy!  I see a truck!  I see a truck!  I see a truck!  Mommy!

Me:  I know, buddy! 

Mom: No, they’re not too big.  I think it would be perfect and I’m thinking of taking the camper to Williamsburg …

Lil Guy: Oma, you drive your camper!  Oma, you drive your camper!  Oma, you…

Mom: My GOD!  How can you stand that!  Does he always do that?!

Well, I guess it’s hard to really convey the volume that this conversation reached by the end.  But, the conversation began as just her and I talking and each time he interjected, he got louder and louder and I suppose we did too in response.  I must be so used to Lil Guy interrupting me and shouting his two sense every day that I am just becoming immune to the annoyance it causes.  As mom, blew up in the middle of talking and looked at my puzzled expression we both began to laugh.  Then, she said to me: I guess you are used to that like I once was with you guys (meaning me, my sister and my brother). 

Anyway, I find instances like this quite funny now (when he’s not giving me a headache, that is!) and I thought I would share some of the other funny things that he has said lately.  I have been writing them down for the last two weeks so that I could share them all at once and hopefully brighten someone’s day as they did mine:

1) Mommy, there’s a monster over there!  But, it’s okay, I’m throwing him hot dogs!  (this was one morning when I found him laying in his bed and using a throwing motion with his arm toward the black curtains on his window)

2) I pointed out a dalmation walking down the street on the way home from his daycare and expected him to say: Ooh, a doggie.  But, instead, he said: Oh no!  It’s a zebra!  (I guess he’s never seen a dalmation before)

3) When he wanted to ride the train at the mall and I searched my purse for money but couldn’t find any cash, he said: Mommy, you don’t have any money?  That’s okay – Paw Paw has money!

4) One day when I was putting on lotion after taking a shower and he was totally engulfed in TV (or so I thought) he ran up to me as I was leaving the room and said: Mommy!  You have big boobs! 

5) At the parade we went to two weeks ago, Lil Guy made the connection that if he said hi to each passing driver of a fire truck, ambulance or other float, they would see him among the sea of other kids and throw him candy.  So, as each vehicle approached, he would begin at a normal tone and graduate to screaming to say: Hi. HI! HIIIII!!!  And, then if the occasional driver didn’t have candy or ran out, he would say to them (loud enough unfortunately so they could hear): You don’t have candy?!  You have to go get some!

and, last but not least.  My personal favorite:

6) When pulling Lil Guy’s pull up down to help him onto the potty he said to me: Oops!  There’s poop in there!  It’s a chicken nugget poop!

Wow!  Sometimes I feel that with him, my life right now could be one standup comedy routine.  I guess I am just grateful that he keeps me laughing on this crazy roller coaster of life!

One Response to “Boys will be boys…”

  1. mrsmmoon July 31, 2011 at 12:54 pm #

    I personally find this post quite entertaining, being that I have 3 boys myself! Isn’t it fun!

    Thanks so much for stopping by Crafty Housewife for my SITS day!

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