Top Ten Tuesday – Orioles

2 Aug

Top Ten Reasons I Still Love The Orioles (even though they suck!):

10.)  Because I grew up watching baseball with my dad and he loves the Orioles

9.)  Baseball is the only sport I really follow

8.)  Geography – I will always be a hometown gal!

7.)  Someone has to…

6.)  Baseball is America’s favorite pasttime.  I can watch it on TV, go to the stadium for a game and listen on the radio.

5.)  Cal Ripken Jr. – the Iron Man will always be my favorite player!

4.)   I HATE the Skankees, and they are pretty much our biggest rival!

3.)  Wow!  It’s really hard to come up with 10 reasons (they really do suck!) – I guess I’ve stuck with them for this long, one day they’re bound to deliver…

2.)  Did I mention my hatred for the Yankees?!  I still love the Orioles because they are everything the Yankees are not!

1.)  What can I say, I also have always rooted for the underdog!

Top Ten {Tuesday}

One Response to “Top Ten Tuesday – Orioles”

  1. Kevin August 3, 2011 at 8:43 pm #

    I always stick with my home team but Dang! They need to do something! Oh and I hate the skankees too!

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