5 Things…

1 Dec

One of Mama Kat’s writing promts this week was to create 4 lists of 5 different things about me.  So, read on and learn more about who I am:

5 things you may not know about me:

1) I am a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do

2) I never sign my name in red ink – it’s a Korean superstition about death

3) I am an insanely picky eater – I will even pick tiny parsley or spinach bits out of a meal as it gets cold.

4) I am terrified of clowns and mimes – though my favorite holiday is Halloween and I quite enjoy being scared by other things.

5) I have been to 22 different countries


5 things I’m knowledgeable about:

1) Grammar, spelling and punctuation (and quite proud of it!) – If I receive a newsletter in the mail or even a friendly email, I honestly edit it as I read, though I’m not usually cocky enough to point out the mistakes.  It’s just fun for me (yes, I’m a dork.)

2) Softball, basketball (sports in general)

3) Three additional languages – German, Korean and Spanish

4) Baking – I love to do it and with as much of a sweet tooth as I have, it’s a miracle that I’m not as big as one of those balloons from the Macy’s parade!

5) Parenting – at least I’d like to think so!


5 things I know nothing about:

1) Hunting

2) Hockey

3) Drugs – I miraculously have never been exposed to drugs in any way

4) Cars – types or their inner workings

5) Politics – I feel that it’s all one big screwed up mess and some people are just crazy enough to step into the limelight and try to lead.


5 things I believe:

1) There is good in everybody – even if it’s buried deep down inside

2) You should never burn your bridges

3) I am an awesome mother!

4) Ice cream can make almost anything better

5) Nothing is more therapeutic than receiving feedback from a piece I have written and am particularly proud of

Now, feel free to comment or share some of your own things about yourself…



One Response to “5 Things…”

  1. MJ December 2, 2011 at 12:54 am #

    Wow – you speak Korean! My daughter is currently in a bilingual Korean programme at her elementary school, and loves it. They have such an awesome alphabet system!

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