Excerpts from 2011

30 Dec

I got the idea from another person’s blog to round up the end of 2011 by choosing a favorite blog post (or two) from each month.  Well, I only began blogging in the last few days of March 2011, so here is a sampling from that point on.  If you have already read some of these posts, please enjoy again and if you haven’t, feel free to absorb and/or comment as you see fit.

April – I created a story about a hypothetical run-in with my high school sweetheart 14 years after graduating in 14 Years Later.  And, I took a retrospective look at stress and frustration in relation to growing up and related it to song lyrics by Taylor Swift in Peace And Helicopters.

May – I detailed my whimsical feelings about the Royal Wedding in I’ll Never Be A Princess.  And, one of my other posts from this month I thought would have gathered more attention.  That was a top ten list of: the Top 10 Coolest Places I’ve Ever Been !

June – Summertime is vacation time and, having taken two vacations back to back from May to June, most of what I blogged about in June was vacation photos and stories:  Whirlwind Part Two and Wordless Wednesday.

July – I wrote a first person detailed account of an intense moment during one of my favorite pasttimes: softball/baseball in For It’s One, Two, Three Strikes, You’re Out…

August – This month, I wrote a few different posts about people close to my heart and difficult situations.  I received so many responses and positive feedback that I couldn’t narrow it down to one favorite, so I’ve listed my three most popular from the month: For Malaika , Terrifying Moments and Not Paradise After All.

September – This month, Lil Guy turned 3 and I wrote an Ode To My Toddler.  I also wrote about my connection with Lil Guy in Growing.

October – With my favorite holiday being Halloween, my two favorite posts this month had to do with ghosts, zombies and fictitional encounters: Ghosts And Lace and Zombie Attack!

November – Going into the holidays this year, I wrote a few posts reminiscing about my past growing up overseas in Remember and Thanksgivings Past.

December – With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I focused on wrapping up loose ends, being thankful and looking ahead to the future in 5 Things and The Unexpected.

One other post I felt deserved attention again was Tearful Goodbye, which I wrote as a tribute to my wonderful grandmother and the love that she passed on to all whose lives she touched.

Please enjoy reading/re-reading my favorite posts from 2011 and let’s look forward to a whole new year ahead together!

One Response to “Excerpts from 2011”

  1. Paula Kiger (Big Green Pen) December 30, 2011 at 5:22 am #

    Hi! Stopping by from Mama Kat’s. Wish I had time to read all of these posts! And I feel like you – it is fascinating how the posts you think will generate lots of comments and others don’t. The vagaries of blogging! I read the one about your grandmother and it made me feel like I was in the room with all of that love. What a profound moment.

    Happy 2012.

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