Five Minute Friday – Loud

23 Mar

The prompt today from The Gypsy Mama is to write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking on: loud.


I sit upright in my rolling cushioned computer chair at my desk and stare at the bright screen ahead.  I tap my fingers quickly from key to key as I type meeting notes from the previous day.  The sound is meager and comforting as I press on in my work day.  In the background, the ventilation system overhead constantly hums while the workers in the warehouse below randomly contribute to the commotion with their use of drills, rapid-firing staple guns and forklifts (with their “beep, beep, beep” as they back up).  Then, at irregular intervals, the phone next to me will ring and demand my attention away from my typing or chatter and static can be heard coming across the radio waves from the two-way on the other corner of my desk to break up the day.

The day drags on and soon it is 2:30 and I make my way to the parking lot.  I climb into my car to head home and immediately fall into the groove of music blaring through the speakers from my Ipod.  With the windows all partly cracked to let in the surprisingly warm March air, the breeze and sounds of other cars passing by livens up my mood as I cruise down the road.

The trek home is a short one and before I know it, 15 minutes later, I am opening the heavy wooden front door to the house as the alarm system beeps loudly to warn me to disarm it in enough time.  I let the dog outside and sit down to relax on the couch but instead of just appreciating the calm silence of no agenda, I turn on the TV and search for a show to watch while I put my cell phone to my ear and listen to my voice messages from the day at the same time.

I guess that I am so used to noise or the loud around me that when things are quiet, I become bored.  Even though there are so many individual noises I hear at one time, instead of separating them out and letting them distract me, I use them all at once to multi-task or focus to get something accomplished.  Does this sound like you too?



One Response to “Five Minute Friday – Loud”

  1. JD04 March 24, 2012 at 2:52 am #

    Can’t say the chaos tends to work quite as well for me. I prefer to harmonize it with tranquility myself. But this is all why we work towards different melodies

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