Five Minute Friday – Community

27 Apr

Well, it’s time to take five minutes out of my Friday to write about the word given by “The Gypsy Mama” today: community.


Community used to simply mean the area I live in, neighborhood, etc. but over the past several months especially, it holds a new meaning to me entirely.  To me, in this time of separation and unknown in my marriage, it has been about the people all around me.  My family – offering me a place to live and lending me money in times of need; being there no matter what.  My friends – the ones who have stuck by me and are there to lend an ear, a shoulder to cry on or a helpful piece of advice.  My coworkers – providing me with needed escape from the home problems and sharing laughter at times.  Readers (of my blog) – my writing is an outlet to ease my stress and feed my passion and I cherish the knowledge of reaching others through my written words.  My son – he is my greatest creation and no matter what I am going through, everything can be brightened up with a huge warm hug and kiss from him!  I know that he depends on my and loves me unconditionally.

So, while the dictionary references “community” as a social group sharing culture, government or historical heritage, my community shares only one main common factor: ME.  And, that’s all I need to lift me up and carry me along my way!


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