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The most important title!

13 May

Daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, friend, confidant, secretary, amatuer writer…  All of these are words that can be used to describe me in relation to others.  But, my most important title in life is, and will forever be, Mom!

Ever since my precious Little Man came into my life 3 and 1/2 years ago, I became a role model, a teacher, a provider and a leader all in one!  So, this week, one of the prompts given on Mama Kat’s site was to share a lesson from my mother that still sticks with me to this day.  I learned so much from my mom over the years and it is hard to pick out just one thing that has stuck with me.  Many lessons she taught me are ones that I am instilling in Lil Guy every day as he learns and grows.  From practicing good manners to treating others the way you want to be treated to “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it,” I am making sure that Lil Guy has the proper foundation to build from into a wonderful grown man one day.

Thanks Mom for everything you’ve done and taught me over the years!  You have supplied me with the stepstone of tools to raise the best child I can!  And, I want to thank Lil Guy for enriching my life thus far.  I love every moment spent with you, buddy and am so proud to call myself your Mom!!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers and grandmothers and female caregivers out there!  Enjoy your day!


Wordless Wednesday – Turning 3!

8 Sep

I can’t believe my precious Lil Guy turned 3 yesterday!  We had his birthday party on Monday so here are a few of the pictures that helped capture the excitement of the day!

This Word World cake took me and my brother's girlfriend almost 7 hours to complete!

"I'm free!"

A jeep just like his Uncle's

He really seemed to have a great day!  Lots of food, presents and fun – what’s not to love?!  Happy Birthday Lil Guy!




Top Ten Tuesday – Ode to my toddler

6 Sep

Three years ago today, I experienced something I feared for years that I would never be strong enough to go through – childbirth.  I was afraid of the pain involved, of losing my freedom and childhood and of failing as a parent all at the same time.  But, after the past three years of watching my Lil Guy grow from a helpless little baby into the independent smart spirited toddler he is today!

Today, on his 3rd birthday, I would like to share 10 important things Lil Guy has helped me realize about myself and life and why he makes me miss my childhood.

Top Ten things Lil Guy has taught me:

10) Everything will be okay as long as there’s a warm soft blanket to cuddle up with

9) You should always tell people how you feel, even if they won’t like it

8) Life is short – eat candy (okay, maybe I taught him this one instead…)

7) Sometimes pouting can get you what you want (it’s at least worth a try)

6) Always make time to play


5) Savor your food (it takes him about an hour of playing around to finish a meal – maybe he relishes the taste of cold food)

4) Let your inner goofiness come out often – laughter is the best medicine

3) It’s okay to color outside the lines, just as long as the masterpiece you create is truly yours

2) Sing and dance as if no one is watching!

1) Explore everything around you!  There is something new to discover every day!

I can watch Lil Guy for hours in amazement and admire his carefree attitude and innocence in life.  Thank you so much Lil Guy for being such a big and wonderful part of my life!  I love you!


Boys will be boys…

25 Jul

On this Monday afternoon, as I find it difficult to concentrate on anything else, I find a desire to document some amusing things I have realized about Lil Guy lately, along with some very interesting things he has said…

Well, I suppose the main thing I have discovered lately is not only about him but mostly about myself.  I have always classified myself as a patient person but I never really knew to what extent until yesterday.  Lil Guy and I were spending the day together because Hubby was at work.  As it was hot as HADES outside but I didn’t want to be cooped up anymore, we decided to invite my mother (Oma – as Lil Guy calls her) to go to one of the local shopping malls for dinner and a little shopping.  Along with relief from the swealtering heat, this outing would provide an outlet for Lil Guy’s pent up energy from the rest of the weekend spent indoors.  So, during both twenty minute drives to and from this mall, mom and I carry on conversation as Lil Guy entertains himself in the backseat.  Mom and I talked about everything from Hubby’s new job to extended family news to possible camping or vacation trips later in the summer.  During these conversations is when I realised 1) how much patience I must have gained lately and 2) how so many of my conversations outside of work must not be real adult conversations, they must revolve around Lil Guy. 

Here’s an example of how our conversations went:

Me: So, you’re planning on buying some kind of pickup truck soon to be able to haul your camper?

Mom: Yep.  Probably an Avalanche or something comparable. 

Me: Really?!  Aren’t those the really huge trucks?!  Would you really…

Lil Guy: TRUCKS!!!  I like trucks!  I see a truck!

Me: Would you really want to drive something that big?

Lil Guy:  Mommy!  I see a truck!  I see a truck!  I see a truck!  Mommy!

Me:  I know, buddy! 

Mom: No, they’re not too big.  I think it would be perfect and I’m thinking of taking the camper to Williamsburg …

Lil Guy: Oma, you drive your camper!  Oma, you drive your camper!  Oma, you…

Mom: My GOD!  How can you stand that!  Does he always do that?!

Well, I guess it’s hard to really convey the volume that this conversation reached by the end.  But, the conversation began as just her and I talking and each time he interjected, he got louder and louder and I suppose we did too in response.  I must be so used to Lil Guy interrupting me and shouting his two sense every day that I am just becoming immune to the annoyance it causes.  As mom, blew up in the middle of talking and looked at my puzzled expression we both began to laugh.  Then, she said to me: I guess you are used to that like I once was with you guys (meaning me, my sister and my brother). 

Anyway, I find instances like this quite funny now (when he’s not giving me a headache, that is!) and I thought I would share some of the other funny things that he has said lately.  I have been writing them down for the last two weeks so that I could share them all at once and hopefully brighten someone’s day as they did mine:

1) Mommy, there’s a monster over there!  But, it’s okay, I’m throwing him hot dogs!  (this was one morning when I found him laying in his bed and using a throwing motion with his arm toward the black curtains on his window)

2) I pointed out a dalmation walking down the street on the way home from his daycare and expected him to say: Ooh, a doggie.  But, instead, he said: Oh no!  It’s a zebra!  (I guess he’s never seen a dalmation before)

3) When he wanted to ride the train at the mall and I searched my purse for money but couldn’t find any cash, he said: Mommy, you don’t have any money?  That’s okay – Paw Paw has money!

4) One day when I was putting on lotion after taking a shower and he was totally engulfed in TV (or so I thought) he ran up to me as I was leaving the room and said: Mommy!  You have big boobs! 

5) At the parade we went to two weeks ago, Lil Guy made the connection that if he said hi to each passing driver of a fire truck, ambulance or other float, they would see him among the sea of other kids and throw him candy.  So, as each vehicle approached, he would begin at a normal tone and graduate to screaming to say: Hi. HI! HIIIII!!!  And, then if the occasional driver didn’t have candy or ran out, he would say to them (loud enough unfortunately so they could hear): You don’t have candy?!  You have to go get some!

and, last but not least.  My personal favorite:

6) When pulling Lil Guy’s pull up down to help him onto the potty he said to me: Oops!  There’s poop in there!  It’s a chicken nugget poop!

Wow!  Sometimes I feel that with him, my life right now could be one standup comedy routine.  I guess I am just grateful that he keeps me laughing on this crazy roller coaster of life!

Mommy’s Day (part 2)

7 May

Ok…  don’t know what happened there but for some reason only half of what I wrote posted to the blog.  So, here are the rest of my favorite things about motherhood:

  • There is nothing better in the world than arriving at Lil Guy’s daycare at the end of a stressful day at work and having him run up to me exclaiming “Mommy, I found you!” while he wraps his arms around my legs and almost knocks me down!
  • When Lil Guy is sick and all he wants to do is cuddle up sideways on my lap with his head on my chest while I rub his back.
  • I have a daytime job where my voice isn’t always heard and I do a lot of behind the scenes work but when I get home, this Lil Guy follows my example, absorbs what I say and truly looks up to me – wow, that’s power!
  • I get to say things that I never thought I would ever say like: “Come here and let me smell your butt,” “Don’t stick that in your nose” and “Please, just eat three more bites!”
  • Watching the joy spread all over Lil Guy’s face anytime he discovers something new like the workings of a slinky or how to climb up into his booster seat by himself
  • I love the fact that my Lil Guy cries out “Go O-yos (AKA Orioles)” and raising his fist high in the air at just the right moments while watching the baseball game with me on TV
  • And, I love that most of the time, instead of singing songs together like “Twinkle Twinkle” or “The Itsy Bitsy Spider,” we instead belt out “It’s My Life” and “You Give Love A Bad Name” by Bon Jovi.  Seriously, Lil Guy actually knows a lot of the words and chimes in while headbanging to the beat!  It’s the cutest thing in the world!  I will post a video soon; once I figure out how.

This doesn’t in any way cover everything in my life that I love about being a mother but it touches on the highlights.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds and how much more there is for both of us to learn together!  Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there!

Me and my favorite person in the whole world!

Mommy’s Day

7 May

When I went to pick up Lil Guy from his daycare today, he had an early Mother’s Day gift for me that he walked up and sweetly told me “Mommy, I made this for you!”  It was the cutest little clay pot with colorful fingerpaint smudges all over and it was filled with dirt and morning glory seeds.  He was so proud of what he gave me and I just love watching him get excited!  Actually, I love pretty much everything about my Lil Guy – he is just the best!

Lil Guy in the summer of 2009

So, I know that Mother’s Day is still two days away, but I thought that I would take this time to reflect on a few things before the craziness of this weekend sets in and I don’t get the chance to.

punkin time

I remember being pregnant and scared to death 3 years ago.  I was terrified of the unknown and at the impending responsibility of another human life.  There was absolutely no way in which I could have been prepared for how amazingly different my life would be now because of this little man.


9 Apr

Every day I wake up and cannot believe how vastly different my life is now from 2 and 1/2 years ago.  Back then I was selfish and naive, spending money on myself and doing whatever activities struck my fancy.  If Hubby and I wanted to go to a baseball game (go Orioles, by the way!) we did.  If our wish was to see a cheesy horror movie or eat nothing but this and that crap for dinner, we did.

I feel like in the blink of an eye everything changed.  Now, of course it didn’t actually happen that fast but the extremeness of change is remarkable!  I always looked at young couples with kids and said that I would never become one of them; life revolving totally around their kids and conversations always centering on that subject.  But, my handsome, smart, AMAZING Lil Guy converted me to one of those such parents from the moment he was born and I held him in shaking arms with tears streaming down my face!  Since that moment, my life has been consumed with raising, teaching, comforting and (at times) punishing this stranger become favorite person.  I have about a dozen pictures at my desk (mostly all of his perfect little face) and in my phone and wallet.  I am also not entirely positive that 98% of my conversations don’t involve him in some way.  When I was pregnant, everyone told me that it would be like this but I didn’t believe them.  And, now that it has totally and completely happened…  I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I love my Lil Guy more than life itself and can’t believe that I even called life before him “living.”  Being his mother is the most important role in my life and I only wish that every woman in the world were as lucky as me to have such an AMAZING (Yes, I said it again!  Do you have a problem with that?!) child!

Oh, by the way, here are two pictures of what I would have considered a mess 2 and 1/2 years ago but now I just laugh and take pictures.