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Five Minute Friday – Tender

28 Jan

Well, another week has come and gone and it’s time for another Five Minute Friday.  Today’s prompt: write for five minutes without overthinking or editing about the word “tender.”


I collapse onto the brown leather couch and immediately am chilled by it’s cool feeling through my shirt.  Even though I position myself into the corner with my arms crossed around my sides, it is difficult to get warm.  But, a moment later, I hear the pitter patter of little feet as my precious boy bounds over to me.  Gazing up at me with a hopeful look in his eye, he says “Mommy, can I sit wif you?”

Awww, goes my heart, as I invite him onto the couch with me.  He eagerly slides his body up next to mine and fits himself under my arm.  We smile at each other before he wraps his arms around my body and we snuggle up together.  We fix our gazes on the tv, which is playing one of his favorite movies.  Well, he is watching the movie and I find myself mostly watching him.  I notice the serious look of concentration on his face and the tiny fidgety motions he makes with his fingers as he is totally mezmerized by the animated characters on the screen.  I gently stroke his fine short blonde hair and lean in to kiss him on the cheek.

It’s these tender moments that I treasure most in life.  No matter what is happening around me or how bad of a day it’s been, just sitting like this with Lil Guy washes it all away.  As long as I have his love, I can get through whatever obstacles I encounter.



Excerpts from 2011

30 Dec

I got the idea from another person’s blog to round up the end of 2011 by choosing a favorite blog post (or two) from each month.  Well, I only began blogging in the last few days of March 2011, so here is a sampling from that point on.  If you have already read some of these posts, please enjoy again and if you haven’t, feel free to absorb and/or comment as you see fit.

April – I created a story about a hypothetical run-in with my high school sweetheart 14 years after graduating in 14 Years Later.  And, I took a retrospective look at stress and frustration in relation to growing up and related it to song lyrics by Taylor Swift in Peace And Helicopters.

May – I detailed my whimsical feelings about the Royal Wedding in I’ll Never Be A Princess.  And, one of my other posts from this month I thought would have gathered more attention.  That was a top ten list of: the Top 10 Coolest Places I’ve Ever Been !

June – Summertime is vacation time and, having taken two vacations back to back from May to June, most of what I blogged about in June was vacation photos and stories:  Whirlwind Part Two and Wordless Wednesday.

July – I wrote a first person detailed account of an intense moment during one of my favorite pasttimes: softball/baseball in For It’s One, Two, Three Strikes, You’re Out…

August – This month, I wrote a few different posts about people close to my heart and difficult situations.  I received so many responses and positive feedback that I couldn’t narrow it down to one favorite, so I’ve listed my three most popular from the month: For Malaika , Terrifying Moments and Not Paradise After All.

September – This month, Lil Guy turned 3 and I wrote an Ode To My Toddler.  I also wrote about my connection with Lil Guy in Growing.

October – With my favorite holiday being Halloween, my two favorite posts this month had to do with ghosts, zombies and fictitional encounters: Ghosts And Lace and Zombie Attack!

November – Going into the holidays this year, I wrote a few posts reminiscing about my past growing up overseas in Remember and Thanksgivings Past.

December – With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I focused on wrapping up loose ends, being thankful and looking ahead to the future in 5 Things and The Unexpected.

One other post I felt deserved attention again was Tearful Goodbye, which I wrote as a tribute to my wonderful grandmother and the love that she passed on to all whose lives she touched.

Please enjoy reading/re-reading my favorite posts from 2011 and let’s look forward to a whole new year ahead together!

Thankful poem

24 Nov

I’m Thankful for…

Sticky face, crocodile tears, picky eating, comforting you from fears…

Whiny technicians, never-ending meetings, testy supervisors, grouchy morning greetings…

Temper tantrums, scraped knees, nap times, teaching you ABCs…

Forgone lunch hours, paperwork in piles, annoying emails, overflowing files…

Between home and work, I’ve got my hands full

But, I wouldn’t trade a second of it because being a mom and having a job makes me thankful!

Thanksgivings past

22 Nov

I saw a few prompts this week that all have to do with Thanksgiving.  The one that I chose to write about was: write a favorite Thanksgiving memory.  Well, having grown up partly overseas and visited so many different places, I found it difficult to choose just one favorite Thanksgiving memory.  So, I figured I would share a few:

  • Gathered around a small table at Pizza Hut with my parents, brother and sister and sharing a warm pepperoni pizza as we sheltered ourselves from the dreary fog and rain of London.  It sure was no turkey dinner but I remember the excitement I felt as I scarfed down my fo0d in anticipation of climbing onto the giant red double-decker bus to head to the theater in downtown London to see “Grease!”  I still remember how amazing it was to see the massive Harrod’s brightly lit up for Christmas as we passed down the busy streets adorned with wreaths and Christmas lights.   
  • Another Thanksgiving break spent on a bus trip with my two best friends and my mom to Euro Disney in Paris.  This trip was also a rainy one but we had so much fun!  I remember all of the craziness from belting out Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” in the back row of the bus (most definitely annoying the other passengers) to getting ourselves all glammed up to walk the Champs Elysees and shop to running all around Euro Disney from ride to ride!  This Thanksgiving dinner was spent in a McDonald’s while my two friends ate burgers and my mom and I had tuna sandwiches (that we packed).  I was actually embarassed by the fact that my mom wanted to save money and I had to eat tuna fish with celery in it (YUCK!) so I tried to stick it under the table when she wasn’t looking.  Well, she caught me just as I had smashed the sandwich into the underside of the table and made me eat it anyway, so there in front of my friends, I had to eat the tuna sandwich with who knows what other flavors (from gum, dirt, or whatever else was under there) and this was my “Thanksgiving” dinner.
  • Another thing I remember about the holidays in general was that living overseas, I certainly came to miss my extended family.  Though we had a whole new world to explore, the holidays were not quite the same without sitting around a long table and bumping elbows with aunts, uncles, grandparents while indulging in turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce all while the little cousins ran around wreaking havoc!  So, being thousands of miles away from home, we had to create our own extended “family” with other families also in the same situation.  I remember one particular Thanksgiving during which we did enjoy a traditional feast and my mom invited some other families and the single soldiers from the base to join in.  Our house was filled with the warmth and noise of joyous well-fed people.  We gathered for hours and carried on as if we had been blood relatives for life and enjoyed each other’s company. 

Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving memory?

Five Minute Friday – Beyond

22 Oct

Prompt: Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.  Today’s topic – beyond…


So, is it silly that the word today made me think of only one simple thought initially?  As I read it in the prompt, I heard Buzz Lightyear’s voice saying “To infinity and beyond!”  I smile to myself as I attribute this connection to how many times I’ve seen Toy Story 3 since it was given to Lil Guy for Easter this past spring.  Yes, Easter!

I feel that since April, Lil Guy has been obsessed with this movie and it’s loveable characters.  He could watch that movie any time of day, he has dozens of Toy Story toys and his new room is decked out in Toy Store bed ware and decor.  Also, this year, I didn’t have to ask Lil Guy (or persuade him) what he wanted to be for Halloween because he approached me and claimed all by himself that he wanted to be Buzz Lightyear.

And, I’ll give it the fact that the movie is very cute for viewers of all ages but I guess I was burned out of the whole concept months ago.  Oh well, I guess it could be worse.  There are many other things he could be obsessed with that are highly annoying, like The Wiggles or Barney.  And, I should let him watch this as much as he wants as opposed to him seeing things like The Walking Dead on TV as he did the other day.  (I was finishing the last few minutes of the show and thought Lil Guy was coloring until he said to me “They got him!  Mommy, they got him!” as the characters on screen were hacking up a zombie with an ax…


Zombie attack!

21 Oct

This week, Words on Edge asked to compose a text–160 characters–that would either elicit or express fear…

Girl, answer your phone! OMG – hell breaking loose – help! Stuck btwn desk & shelf in dark office. Think they’re gone now but blood everywhere and they ate Mike!

What creepy text can you come up with?

Almost Wordless Wed. – Fall Haikus

20 Oct

Summer Fades Away

apple picking day

the cool breeze blows leaves about

passage of seasons


little man; young, free

roaming about the orchard

eyes full of wonder