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Wordless Wednesday – The Griswold house

8 Dec

I love National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation!  There are so many funny parts from the squirrel in the tree to the cat electrocuting itself to the tree being lit on fire!  But, one of the most stand out moments in the movie is when Clark finally gets his Christmas lights to work on the house and they cover the entire house and blow the power to the surrounding streets briefly!

There is actually a house in a neighborhood about 5 minutes away from where I live that is always lit up at Christmas time like the Griswold house.  They cover the entire house in lights as well as the front lawn (like a carpet).  I have no idea how much their electric bill is but I sure do enjoy driving by and seeing this spectacle, as many others do.





Wordless Wednesday – Light etiquette

1 Dec

Well, now that Christmas season has begun, one of my favorite things to do is to drive around with Lil Guy listening to Christmas music and looking at lights.  And, while it’s mostly just relaxing to see how others decorate for the holidays, I sometimes find it amusing; as some people take decorating a little too far…

This is the type of house that described to one of my friends recently as “the house where Christmas threw up!”  There’s just too much going on with lights, figures and they even have music playing from a loudspeaker.

Some people clearly love the blow up decorations too much!  This front yard had about 7 or 8 total and they overtake the whole look of the house.

I also think it’s tacky when people have “ghost” trees in their yards (as I like to call these trees with the lights strung so haphazardly)!

I wanted to include a photo of a house that I drive by each year designated the “Griswold house” since they literally have their entire house covered in lights as well as their front lawn (like a carpet), and they have tons of lit up figures on their lawn.  But, they haven’t turned their lights on yet!  This is not like them, the cost of electricity around here must really be hitting them this year…  (When they eventually turn their lights on, I’ll post a picture).

Anyway, sometimes, simplicity is better when it comes to Christmas lights.  This is how my mom has decorated her house for Christmas:

Enjoy the Christmas season!  And, happy decorating!

Wordless Wednesday – Holiday spirit!

24 Nov

This past weekend, I took Lil Guy to a craft fair in Frederick and snapped some adorable photos of him.   He was rocking his elf hat too; everyone just ate him up!!!

checking himself out in the mirror

And, Lil Guy and I had a “date night” tonight – dinner at Johnny Rockets followed by “The Muppets” in the theater!

Wordless Wednesday – Halloweens compared

3 Nov

My, how much Lil Guy has changed over the years!

Halloween 2009


Halloween 2010


Halloween 2011



Wordless Wednesday – Halloween fun!

26 Oct

Halloween is undoubtedly one of my favorite times of year!  I love the changing of the leaves, the fresh cool breeze and apple cider!  Not to mention, my love for haunted houses and scary movies!

So, here are a few pics of my Lil Guy enjoying the Halloween season too!

And, the following photos are what we took after Saturday’s “Run For Your Lives” 5K race.

I’m not usually a runner per se but I couldn’t pass up running from zombies through woods and obstacles!  So much fun!  Keeps me in shape training and I loved the adrenaline rush!  I will be taking part next year!

Almost Wordless Wed. – Fall Haikus

20 Oct

Summer Fades Away

apple picking day

the cool breeze blows leaves about

passage of seasons


little man; young, free

roaming about the orchard

eyes full of wonder

Wordless Wednesday – Fun at the Fair

21 Sep

Took Lil Guy to the Great Frederick Fair on Sunday and, as you can see below, he thoroughly enjoyed himself!  What a cutie pie, huh?

Watch out world; here he comes!

Lovin’ everything motorized – typical boy  🙂

A little tractor time with Mommy!

and, clowing around, of course!

 I have fun with him no matter what we’re doing!  How can I not?!  Which pic is your favorite?